The Gold tariff is £50 per month

A unique number is allocated to you and all messages sent to that number are routed to a single email address that you specify. If you want messages to start with a keyword, each keyword message can be routed to a different email address.

There is a 100 one-off set up charge.


The Silver tariff is for the occasional or lighter user and costs 10 per month which includes one keyword. There is a one-off set up charge of 25.

Messages are sent to a common number, shared with other subscribers, and are identified by a keyword assigned to each subscriber. For instance, if you were a nightclub called "RAVE" you would ask respondents to put the word Rave at the beginning of the message and all messages starting with this keyword would be directed to your email account.

There is a charge of 5 per month for each keyword after the first. There is no set up charge for these additional keywords.


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